Period details

Developed specifically with Period properties in mind, and the aim of satisfying even the most discerning clientele, our Handworked Floors have maintained a 100% approval record from Conservation Officers since our first commission.

Attention to detail is apparent in every feature from meticulous timber selection, our special board profile and the stringent finishing process involving (literally) hours of hand work for each and every square yard. Manipulation of the natural tannins enables the boards to mellow with time; indeed floors we supplied more than a decade ago are rewarding the care and foresight of their owners with an increasing depth and patina to be enjoyed by future generations.

Conservation floors are largely crafted from home-grown, well seasoned English Oak, Native Elm, and British Honduras Pitch Pine and have frequently been selected by responsible Period Home Owners as part of their legacy during their stewardship in preserving of one of the fine buildings that form an integral part of the nation’s heritage.

When authenticity is paramount...